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A friend asked me if I had any pointers on drawing dingle dongles and I may or may not have gotten totally carried away and drew out a bunch of stuff, heheh.
Figured Id post it just in case any nsfw artists found it helpful at all~

Also if I have any incorrect info or you have tips feel free to let me know. Always eager to supplement my penis expertise~ haha~

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As they say, “measure twice, cut once”

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Genital cut

I am fagot slave that is offfering my body for any kind of modification (genital or any other) if you are interested in! I am serious! I am fagot and was a full time slave and now I would be honered to become what you wont.
If I may say, I am First into extreme niple torture (cuting off them) and for someone who do that for mee I offer my fully body for any kind of experiments you wont.

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3000 Kinky Soul’s to Lay Their Junk To The Blade…

Would you ever believe in a minute there would be 3000 people who are into genital modification? I didn’t. I was sure when I started this blog there’d be about 200 at the MOST that would appreciate our mutual desires in this area that makes so many shutter, or scream and run as fast as they can.

The other shocker for me since clicking yes, and this blog was born is that the brothers here, as I just can’t bring myself to call any of you original brilliant followers, as I am sure you lead in your lives off tumblr. The kind, well read friends I’ve made here are beyond your average yahoo, or newgroup users. I have only gotten emails, comments, questions from the most unique, articulate, and warm people.

I wish I was having some kind of party this weekend to celebrate our 3000 brother joining us here, but I have been a little bummed out, so hurting has over taken me for the moment. As the song says, “I’ll be alright, just not tonight”, but please know that I am so glad to have talked to so many of you, and age, size is just numbers as well as the blog tally, and I have a lot of love for you all, and thank you for joining in to the perversion.

Cutter D

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When you fantasize about getting raped is it just about being taken against your wishes, or do you get hard thinking about him brutalizing you and beating you violently before, during, and after?
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he tortures me to death, then the gun ends everything

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Photo harvested from tumblr, and altered by me using paint.

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Photo’s harvested from tumblr, altered by ME using paint. Who wants to make him our group gang rape toy?